Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kids First Spending Spree on Superintendent's Salary--Then and Now: Lawsuit Likely in Order to Challenge Governor's Guidelines

On Tuesday, November 23, 2010 County Superintendent Brennen refused to allow a contract by the Kids First Board of Education Super Majority-- leading the Board of Education to consider the filing of a lawsuit.

The results?

According to the Jersey Journal--- the Kids First Hoboken Board of Education is choosing to sue the State of New Jersey for the right to offer significantly more money than the Governor of New Jersey, the Interim Commissioner of Education, and the County Executive Superintendent would approve.

According to the blog Hoboken Patch, Kids First Board Trustee Theresa Minutillo was quoted as saying "Christie doesn't know what he's doing," Hoboken Patch also reports Trustee Minutillo followed up her assessment of the Governor as calling his freeze on all contract negotiations with superintendents "despicable."

Click here to see memo from the Interim Commissioner Hendricks and reach your own decisions.

What lies ahead is a possible costly lawsuit, a still unclear picture of who will be the permanent Superintendent of Schools, and a bewildered public perplexed by the differences between the rhetoric and the reality of claims of fiscal responsibility.