Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shooting at University of Texas

To all those concerned-- I'm ok. I'm a few miles from campus. Let's hope for the best for everyone else. 1 gunman dead. Seems he was a student at the University. An AK-47 was recovered. -Dr. Petrosino

Tanks, helicopters, armed SWAT teams all around...

Ironically, a lecture was planned on campus today entitled More Guns, Less Crime.

The latest official news:


I am grateful to our campus community for the way it responded to the emergency that took place at Perry-CastaƱeda Library this morning. The University Police Department and the Austin Police Department responded quickly and professionally. Law enforcement teams from multiple agencies worked together to ensure that the entire campus was safe.

I want to thank our faculty, staff, and students for their cooperation and vigilance. Our emergency communications system reached thousands of members of the University community promptly and helped keep the campus informed.

I extend my sympathy to the family, friends, and classmates of the young student who took his life. In the days ahead we will attempt to understand his actions and to learn from this tragedy. We invite those who would like counseling services to contact the Counseling and Mental Health Center (for students) or the Employee Assistance Program (for staff and faculty).

I know that this has been a stressful experience for everyone on the campus. I appreciate the cooperation we received from students, faculty, staff, and their families in responding to this difficult situation.


Bill Powers