Saturday, May 15, 2010

Standing Up Standing Together

The following is an excerpt from the New Jersey Educators Association and centers on a rally that is scheduled in the state capitol on May 22nd. There have been a number of rallies against board of education budgets and in support of the governor's cost cutting measures. This event should be interesting and I imagine will be well attended. As the Newark Star-Ledger reports, Christie will propose 33 bills that constitute an all-out assault on public employees, and which would have a devastating impact on local programs and services in every community in New Jersey.-Dr. Petrosino

The day is Saturday, May 22. The time is noon. Join your fellow NJEA members and thousands of other New Jerseyans for the Rally to Protect New Jersey’s Families and Communities. Bring your family, your friends and your neighbors for what is expected to be one of the largest rallies in Trenton’s history. Gov. Chris Christie’s proposed budget is not only a disaster for public education, it is an all-out assault on New Jersey’s most vulnerable: school children, senior citizens, work- ing families, the poor, the disabled, and the unemployed. It is an attack on hardworking school employees and public workers.

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