Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Open Letter to Governor Christie By Superintendent Verducci- Glen Rock

The following is an open letter to Governor Christie of New Jersey written by David C. Verducci, Superintendent of Schools of Upper Glen Rock, NJ. In the open letter, Verducci writes articulately about Governor Christie's recent assault on the public schools of New Jersey. Following the letter is a recent interview the Governor gave to a number of reporters. I think the two examples show very clear and different approaches to education and funding. One interesting point is that most professionals in education are women (see table below). It will be interesting to see if the Governor is as forceful with largely male unions as time progresses.


Preschool and kindergarten
442,000 teachers
98% woman
772,000 teachers
59% women
Special education
175,000 teachers
87% women
Other teachers and instructors
Elementary and Middle School Teachers
562,000 teachers
3.1 million teachers
67% woman
79% women
Please read Superintendent Verducci's letter--- makes a lot of sense.

You can read more about Superintendent Verducci HERE.

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