Thursday, November 12, 2009

Marie Totaro's Oral History Project- "We Were Downtown" Sun 11/15 at 4pm. Hoboken Museum located at 1301 Hudson Street

The "Oral History Chapbook" is a wonderful series of recollections of Hoboken history by the people who lived, made and experienced it. Initiated by the Hoboken Historical Museum and supported by John Wiley and Sons-- the series is a fascinating grass roots look at Hoboken past and present. For anyone who defines downtown as "below Willow Avenue" and remembers when Carlo's (pre- the "Cake Boss" ) was next door to Fiore's on Adams St.---you are assured of enjoying this event. -Dr. Petrosino

Marie Totaro, legendary Hoboken baker and past chairwoman of the Feast of St. Ann, details histories of her former dessert café, Le Jardin, and the development of the Feast for the latest in our series of Hoboken Oral History Project chapbooks, "We Were Downtown, Recollections of Marie Totaro." The interviews also yielded lovingly evoked memories of downtown Hoboken, with humor and an eye toward detail. This chapbook offers a rich portrait of a way of life that has almost entirely disappeared from her old neighborhood.

On Sunday, November 15, at 4 p.m., the Museum and the Friends of the Hoboken Public Library will celebrate the release of this booklet at the Hoboken Historical Museum. The event is free and copies of the chapbook will be distributed to all who attend. Refreshments will be served.

Editor Holly Metz and designer Ann Marie Manca have shaped Marie's stories, as told to volunteer interviewer Pat Samperi, for the Hoboken Oral History Project, sponsored by the Museum and the Friends, and printed with support from John Wiley & Sons.

Sunday November 15th at 4 PM at the Hoboken Museum located at 1301 Hudson Street.