Thursday, August 6, 2009

Administrators Meet About Curriculum Implementation

On Wednesday, August 5 district administrators and supervisors met at the Brandt Professinal Development Center for a 2 hour meeting focusing on issues of curriculum implementation. Below is a brief summary of what was discussed during the meeting. -Dr. Petrosino

Day 1 Activities related to curriculum implementation- the idea will be to have Elementary grades broken into grade level groups and led by curriculum committee members. Middle school grades will be divided by subject as will High School grades. Sessions will take place at Hoboken High School and begin immediatley after all teachers and staff gather at the High School for opening day address and assembly. In total, over a dozen curriculum committee members will take part in the opening day activities concerning curriculum implementation. It was agreed that the general focus will be on practical aspects of how the typical teacher will navigate the new curriculum and the resources that were developed to ease adoption.

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