Monday, August 3, 2009

2009 Summer Curriculum Committee: Day 12

The following self reported and verified activities were conducted by the Hoboken Curriculum Committee on July 30, 2009. Today marked the conclusion of week three for the curriculum committee. -Dr. Petrosino

World Languages: Today we made significant progress. We wrote the district-wide assessment for grades 6 to 8. Also, we wrote the cumulative placement test for the 8th grade. We need to create the assessments for grades 1 to 8 into pdf files and we need to write assessments for grades 9 to 12. We discussed the assessments for the high school years and we are ready to begin writing them.

Technology: All MYP technology units are now complete for grades 6,7 and 8. Technology standards have been inserted into all grade levels across all content areas.

Left to do:
Revise technology curriculum overview narrative, including recommendation for development of Technology education course(s) at the high school level.
Print and distribute technology documentation spreadsheets.
Final cross-check for technology standards.

Science: Accomplished goals: Completed 2nd grade and began to revise 3rd grade according to the UBD format; Revised all 8th grade units according to the new MYP format along with the MYP “Big Idea” draft; Started creating assessments.

Accomplished goals: Revised and completed 3rd grade units according to the UBD format, and started revisions on the 4th grade units; Completed assessments for grades 1-5

Next Monday members will complete assessments for grades 6-8, and create answer keys to go along with the assessments.

Language Arts: rewrote the first 5 units of the 1st grade curriculum both incorporating LitLife and the correct UBD version. Next week, someone will have to finish rewriting the 1st grade as well as finishing grades 2-5. It's a lot of work but I also think it can get done with a lot of "man power." I'm just sorry I can't be there to finish what I started, but I have all the faith in the world that it will get done.

Disclaimer: The 2009 Summer Curriculum Committee is roughly 50% the size of the 2008 Summer Curriculum Committee (29 teachers vs 60 teachers) and the budget allocated is approximately 2/3 less than the allocation for Summer 2008. Dr. Petrosino has explained numerous times that this represents a significant reduction in both expenditures and faculty involved with the curriculum project.

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