Sunday, July 19, 2009


The following cities and townships use TOOLS OF THE MIND as part of their Pre-K and/or K curriculum. All are located in the tri-state area, specifically, all in New Jersey. Please make note, West New York also has attempted to implement TOOLS OF THE MIND but I list it only to indicate my awareness of the program in Hudson County and not as necessarily an exemplary case. I have also included a secondary list of some major cities around the country using TOOLS OF THE MIND as well.

The districts I’m aware of in the tri-state area are:


Red Bank*

North Brunswick*







West New York


Denver, CO

El Paso, TX

Miami, FL

* direct contact with Hoboken

Recently we had district kindergarten teachers visiting Neptune for professional development and in the past have made visits to Red Bank with teachers and administrators and a multi-day workshop in North Brunswick with teachers (most have been discussed on this curriculum blog if you would like more detailed information). The program has had a successful initial year with our Pre-K program and we are on target for our September 2009 kindergarten implementation. TOOLS OF THE MIND will also greatly assist our PreK to K transition.

TOOLS OF THE MIND fits into our PK-12 curricula narrative as it incorporates self regulation and executive function as part of our early curriculum. These “tools of the mind” will become cognitive tools that will support students’ reflection and revision and help develop internal mental functioning and behavioral regulation- specifically around learning behaviors (i.e. self directed inquiry). After kindergarten, LitLife will use a similar pedagogical emphasis from Grades 1-5. After that, the MYP program, again with very similar pedagogical roots, will take students through Grade 10 (being informed greatly by Understanding by Design- another pedagogical framing similar to TOOLS OF THE MIND). I’m very excited by not only the curriculum that has been written but also by the programs we have been able to initiate and support that will greatly increase the possibility of success. I believe this is a very exciting time in the curricula and instructional life of the district. -Dr. Petrosino


Anonymous said...


I am very interested in the method. We live in Brooklyn's Park Slope, do you know if any schools have adopted the technique here?

I will very much appreciate any information about this.

Many thanks,


Cat said...

Dr. Petrosino- I am a teacher in the Philadelphia area and I am interested in observing Tools of the Mind curriculum in a classroom. Can you recommend a school I could visit?
Thank you, Catherine