Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 Summer Curriculum Committee- Day 9

The following self reported and verified activities were conducted by the Hoboken Curriculum Committee on July 27, 2009. -Dr. Petrosino

Social Studies: Today for the Social Studies Curriculum: Kevin finished the district assessments for K-8. Damian and Chris worked on the assessments for Grades 9-11. About 98% complete with the entire Social Studies portion of the curriculum. Remaining task: Print out entire curriculum, check for typographical errors and formatting issues. Complete suggested Media materials for the each unit. Add 3-4 assessments for two units in Grades 10-11.

World Languages: Today 8 units were typed, revised and transfered into the new MYP planner format by the World Language group for the 6th and 7th grades. For grades K to 5 and 9 to 12 the folders from the L drive were cleaned up by removing older versions of the unit planners and transferining them into a new folder.

Technology: We continued integrating the technology standards into the content area units. Completed areas are World Languages, Performing Arts and Music. Some of the content area groups will be inserting their own standards based on the the completed documentation spreadsheets we gave them. Social Studies, Physical Education/Health and Math will insert their own standards. We have assisted the Science group by inserting the high school level for them, leaving them grades 1-8 to complete. We will be working with Visual Art and Language Arts to insert standards into their units. We have completed updating almost all technology units in grades 6 and 7 to the new MYP format using UBD concepts.

Mathematics: Today July 27th, the math group finished transferring the old format to the new format. The 8th grade mid-term is done (under 8th grade assessment folder) and we are working on the 7th grade mid-term. All new formats are in their corresponding grade and in individual folders labeled final format.

Science: Completed revision of 7th grade MYP Planner; Initiated 8th grade MYP; Completed 2nd grade edits and revision of Drafting Design sheets

Language Arts: On Monday, July 27th. Martin and I finished revising the 8th grade curriculum. As of today the middle school (6-8) LAL curriculum is complete and in proper format. I feel that this curric. can be implemented in September given every school has the materials needed. Martin and I also feel comfortable explaining the material to our colleagues. (Unfortunately, I don't know who is teaching Language Arts 6th or 7th in Wallace yet but as soon as I do, I can help them in any way.) As for today, we are planning to create assessments for these grades. We were figuring that there would be two assessments per year. One in November and one in late February.

Disclaimer: The 2009 Summer Curriculum Committee is roughly 50% the size of the 2008 Summer Curriculum Committee (29 teachers vs 60 teachers) and the budget allocated is approximately 2/3 less than the allocation for Summer 2008. Dr. Petrosino has explained numerous times that this represents a significant reduction in both expenditures and faculty involved with the curriculum project.

Picture: Bike lane along Grand Street near Hoboken High School.