Monday, July 13, 2009

Tools of the Mind Workshop: District Administrators 7/13/09

District administrators met on Monday, July 13 at the Brandt Professional Development Center for a 1/2 day workshop on Tools of the Mind led by Ms. Amy Hornbeck. The workshop took place from 9AM-1PM and was another in a continuing series of professional development opportunities to help the district prepare for the new Kindergarten curriculum in September. The workshop was organized by Ms. Jessica Peters, Early Childhood Coordinator along with Dr. Petrosino, Assistant to the Superintendent. 

Agenda for Hoboken Administrators Meeting:

1. The Structure of the Tools Program: Why an integrated approach? 
  a. Focal activities
b. Embedded activities
c. Emphasis on becoming a "learner"
2. How understanding the Zone of Proximal Development supports instruction
a. Implications for special education
3. Teacher support offered through the Tools curriculum
a. Professional development series
b. Teacher's manual
c. Coach
d. Web based supports
4. Ensuring Program fidelity
a. Administrator fidelity forms
b. Lesson Planning format
5. Examples of a typical daily schedule
6. The role of the paraprofessional 
7. Homework (student homework) 

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