Monday, July 20, 2009

2009 Summer Curriculum Committee Day 5

The following activities were conducted by the Hoboken Curriculum Committee on July 20, 2009. -Dr. Petrosino

Technology- Today, July 20th, the Technology Committee made significant progress in developing MYP units and revising UBD units for grades 6, 7 & 8. We were also successful in addressing NJCCCS 8.2 tech. standards.

Science- Today, for grade 11(Chemistry), the enduring understandings and essential questions were revised according to the UbD format. All revisions were typed for units 1-7. Also, Unit 1 (Matter and Change) MYP Planner was typed and the information from the existing MYP planner was transferred into the new MYP Format. For Grade 1, the enduring understandings and essential questions were revised according to the UbD format. Furthermore, Grade 6 (Earth Science) Unit 1 (Solar System) Big Ideas Form was typed according to the UbD format.

World Languages- Today the world language group made significant progress. We completed the revisions for the fourth and fifth grade UBD planners. Also, we completed the revisions for the 10th grade UBD and MYP planners. We started to work on the 10th honors for both planners. We began to discuss the district-wide grade level assessemnets.

Mathematics- Today July 20th, the math group (Louis and Gabriela Taglieri) worked on transferring the old MYP format to the new format. Sixth through eighth grades were revised and are done. Folders with new formats are located on the L drive in their corresponding folders.

Physical Education/Health- Today we converted most of the 6th and 7th grade unit planners to the new form. While making these changes, we are looking over our work and making any adjustments that we feel is necessary to improve the curriculum.

Disclaimer: The 2009 Summer Curriculum Committee is roughly 50% the size of the 2008 Summer Curriculum Committee (29 teachers vs 60 teachers) and the budget allocated is approximately 2/3 less than the allocation for Summer 2008. Dr. Petrosino has explained numerous times that this represents a significant reduction in both expenditures and faculty involved with the curriculum project.

Picture: Signs of the times in Hoboken and around the country