Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009 Summer Curriculum Committee- Day 1

On Monday, July 13 the Summer Curriculum Committee met for the first time at the Brandt Professional Development Center. The group got to work immediately and picked up where they left off in late June. Among the accomplishments on Monday were:

Technology: Continued work on noting when and where in existing practice technology exists and matching it with curriculum standards. All content and standards are being logged in spreadsheet form. 

World Language: Grades 1 & 3 were reviewed and finalized. The group made very good progress. 

Language Arts: 12th grade reformatted into new MYP structure. The rest of the grades should go easier as a general technique have been established. 

Social Studies: Reformatting into new MYP format--the group worked collectively today but will subdivide in later days to increase efficiency and effectiveness. 

Disclaimer: The 2009 Summer Curriculum Committee is roughly 50% the size of the 2008 Summer Curriculum Committee (29 teachers vs 60 teachers) and the budget allocated is approximately 2/3 less than the allocation for Summer 2008. Dr. Petrosino has explained numerous times that this represents a significant reduction in both expenditures and faculty involved with the curriculum project.