Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Understanding by Design- 2 Day Teacher Workshop

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 15 curriculum committee members participated in a 2 day Understanding by Design (UbD) workshop at the Brandt Professional Development Center. The workshop was led by Ms. Elizabeth Rossani and included help and assistance on using UbD principles in editing the final draft of the curriculum. Participants included:

Kelly Sogluizzo                 Connors
Damian De Benedetto       Demarest
Christopher Munoz            Demarest
Melanie Alberto-Kolmer        HHS
Geidy DeLaRosa                 HHS
Kate Dominique                   HHS
Michelle McGrievey              HHS
Meghna Patel                      HHS
Jared Ramos                       HHS
Ryan Sorafine                      HHS
Andrea Canonico             Wallace
Tasha Leggard                 Wallace
Martin Shannon               Connors
Mary Sifonios                     HHS
Derek England                Demarest
Victoria Chodos                  HHS
Fiona Stephens                  HHS
Denise Toles                      HHS

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