Saturday, June 6, 2009

Theater Arts Update

"After participating in the "Understanding by Design" workshop on June
2-3, Mr. Jared Ramos decided to complete the final units using the
approach promoted by the workshop leader. The process he used involved
"unpacking goals" referring to a system by which the curriculum designer
begins by looking at the state standards and then asks a series of
questions about those standards.  The purpose is to come to the core of
what we, as educators, are looking to assess from our students:
meaningful understanding:

In order to assess the acquisition of knowledge and skills communicated
within the standards we need to ask...

What do I want these students to understand?
What kinds of questions should they continually ask throughout the unit?
What will they know at the end?
What will they be able to do?
What kind of summative performance task can I design that will
authentically assess the students' ability to transfer their knowledge
and skill into a practical application?

This approach helped to focus the design and be more critical of the way
the assessments aligned with the stated goals. The units are shaping out
nicely and he plans to revisit some of the completed units in other
grade levels in order to refine their objectives.

This week, his plan is to focus on the 5th grade. Once that is finished,
all grades for Theatre Arts will be complete."

Picture: Sinatra plaque in front of site where he was born-- 4th and Monroe St. Hoboken

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