Sunday, May 31, 2009

Minutes: PTO Advisory Council Meeting May 7, 2009

PTO Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
Thursday, May 7, 2009
Superintendent’s Conference Room

In attendance:

1) Summer Camp Information- initial discussion centered on information centering on summer activities for school age children. Discussion centered at the county, city and school levels. Suggestions included contacting county representatives and city representatives. The Hoboken School District will have some remedial and academic programs in place for summer 2009.
2) A motion was made to consider having 7th and 8th grade students work out with the HHS track team. Feasibility of this option and it’s legality will be looked into.
3) The topic of reorganizing the district was initiated by a number of PTO members who proposed a configuration of Grades K-6 and the Grades 7-12. It was noted that in some school districts such a configuration has had some positive impacts. A more complete evaluation will need to be made. But, the reconfiguration underscores some questioning of the K-8 model.
4) The size (amount, quantity) of the school lunch, especially for the older students was discussed. There seems to be some discussion that some students are not fully satisfied after lunch. Follow-up discussion with Chartwells.
5) A brief discussion of graduation ceremonies for the 8th grade centered on whether ceremonies should be combined or remain single campus events.
6) A discussion of district statewide testing centered on a desire for the district to communicate results to the parents in some sort of presentation. Results of scores come in at multiple times throughout the year and synthesizing such materials, while not trivial, would seem to have public interest. A follow-up to this discussion will need to occur where a decision on how such a presentation would be most effective for parents.

Next meeting will occur during the evening hours (6pm-7:30pm).

1. Remarks/News
2. Review of April Meeting minutes
3. Advisory Council Group- concerns, issues

- Individual campuses

- District wide issues
4. Discussion of Scholastic Reading Inventory and it’s utilization within district
5. Varia
6. Next Meeting: proposed June 4

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