Sunday, May 17, 2009

PTO Advisory Council Meeting Minutes- 4/2/09

PTO Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
Thursday, April 2, 2009
Superintendent’s Conference Room

In attendance:
Jean Marie Mitchell
Maureen Sullivan
Alicia Rodriguez Fresse
Felicia Drasheff
Irene Sobolov
Debbie Zitani
Dr. Anthony Petrosino

- The topic of having accurate and detailed school calendars was discussed. This discussion expanded to the idea of a district wide calendar that might be accessible on the Internet. One challenge that was mentioned was what information would be useful for everyone to know and what information really should be limited to individual schools. This is an important issue since current format of calendars allows for fairly limited data/information. Potential content included but is not limited to: “Good News”, sporting events, state testing dates, Handbook (procedures), others? In addition to the calendar, a more general discussion developed concerning what should be on the district website. Items of interest would include: What is available in the summer for children, summer programs. Also, increased ability to navigate effectively on the website (search features) was mentioned as a concern.

- A significant amount of time was spent on the district’s uniform policy. Discussion centered on such questions as “Is there a District policy?”, Should the policy be dropped or enforced? Should there be different policies for K-4; 5-8; High School? Tuck or no tuck policy. Concern was also raised about the legality of a dress code with some polite but dissenting opinions.

- A discussion of meeting dates and times was conducted with the decision to alternate afternoon meetings (1-2:30PM) with early evening meetings (6-7:30pm). The group seems to agree that monthly meetings would be appropriate.

- Dr. Petrosino handed out copies of the Curriculum Mapping that the curriculum committee has been working on and distributed it to the group for review and some discussion.

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