Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kindergarten Visits and Tools of the Mind

Today, Thursday May 14, Early Childhood coordinator Jessica Peters and Dr. Petrosino visited a number of Kindergarten classrooms around the district in preparation for next week's visit to the North Brunswick School District to see classrooms currently enacting the "Tools of the Mind" curriculum. The visits consisted of brief "walk throughs" with casual and informal conversations with both the teachers, aids and young children. The visits were coordinated with building principals and were very enjoyable. Like any new program, the Tools of the Mind program has and will take the coordinated efforts of a number of people at many different levels. Also, like any new program, there is both excitement and anticipation at what lies ahead for the 2009-10 academic year. You may recall that this year all Pre-K children were taught with the "Tools" curriculum and there has been a number of professional days dedicated to "Tools" for this year's Kindergarten teachers. To be clear, "Tools of the Mind" is part of the new curriculum efforts in the district and cover Pre-K and Kindergarten grades only.

Picture: Kindergarten class at Wallace School