Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hoboken High School Compared to NJ State Averages in Language Arts and Mathematics (2006-2008): The Facts and the Data

The following are data taken from the NJ State Report Card for student test scores in Mathematics and Language Arts from Hoboken High School (2006-2008). The format is: Hoboken High School Score (NJ State Average Score). As you can see by the data and the graphs, the scores of Hoboken High School do not differ significantly from NJ State Averages on official tests of accountability. Recent assertions by numerous bloggers and concerned citizens and taxpayers would be advised to reference this data to make their arguments rather than base their conjectures on opinion or rumor. In addition, Hoboken does above average when compared to other Abbott Districts (look for forthcoming post on that data). As discussed numerous times on this blog, learning is more complex than simple standardized test scores. Every year a different set of students are tested in the 11th grade. We try to identify the students who are at risk for falling below proficiency by incorporating practice tests and/or identification criteria in the sophomore year for struggling students. We then offer tutoring for those students. This year we are redoubling our efforts in identifying students to participate in HSPA tutoring courses (held on Saturday mornings). Personally, I am excited by the future as our programs and new curriculum take hold and positively impact the teaching and learning in ALL subject areas in our district and ultimately test scores. In any case, I post this data for trying to add objective data to a sometimes subjective discourse. 

Language Arts
Year: Hoboken High School Score (NJ State Average Score)
2006: 82.7 (83.5)
2007: 88.5 (85.4)
2008: 81.8 (83.4)

Year: Hoboken High School Score (NJ State Average Score)
2006: 74 (75.9)
2007: 75.3 (73.4)
2008: 66.2 (75.4)

Total passing rate is calculated by adding % students who achieve Proficient + Advanced Proficient status.

Data is from the NJ Department of Education and the Jersey Journal (3/3/08; p. 5). Graphs and data presentation were created by Dr. Petrosino. 

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