Friday, March 13, 2009

Academic Program Committee

The Academic Programs Committee met Wednesday afternoon from 12:30 to 2pm. The following is a short summary of the discussion items.

John Hopkins Expansion Program- Ms. Hillebrand discussed some current issues with some students apparently not having the full set of skills (study skills, comprehension, logic) to take full advantage of the program. Extra tutoring will be done as well as cross checking with classroom activities. Some discussion centered on how pervasive this situation seems to be. Currently, it appears to be limited.

Saturday U- Cycle 1 is almost complete. After Cycle 1 is complete classes will switch into the next 8 week cycle. Mr. Enrico reports that the Enrichment Program is doing well and off to a solid start. Discussion also centered on administration of a parent survey to get a sense of how parents feel the program is going so far this semester.

English/Social Studies- Kate Karmarsky reported on a June Book reading event at Barnes and Noble and there was some discussion about a possible pilot program using the Kindle.

Mathematics/Science- Mr. Mckenzie discussed Algebra Readiness for grades 6, 7, and 8 and some professional development issues related around these issues.

Also… March 18th is the day for SES (Supplementary Educational Services) providers to come to the district. This will be held at Brandt School at 6pm. It was also mentioned to invite Mr. David Bailey to our next meeting as he coordinates technology within the district and his attendance would be beneficial. Next meeting in 2 weeks on Wednesday, March 25. 

Picture: Opening of the NY-NJ Tubes (current PATH tubes). Hoboken, Feb 25, 1908