Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mathematics Special Curriculum Committee Meeting II

Today the Mathematics group finalized the curriculum for grades 1-8. We also have begun to review our compliance with State of NJ standards for grades 9-12. There are some isolated instances where standards are not being met by the high school courses (mostly in the area of statistics, data analysis and probability) so we develop a curricula strategy to figure out how best to meet these standards. Tomorrow, we plan to finalize the entire curriculum so that it can be sent out for external review. In addition we spoke with Dr. Petrosino today concerning strategies for assuring that IB Diploma students are in compliance with mathematics requirements for completion of their program. A promising option appears to be taking Algebra and Geometry in the same academic year. This is an approach that was discussed at a recent national meeting of the IB Program in Houston, TX and understand that that Dr. Petrosino and other administrators will look into this issue in more detail.

Picture: Kindergarten class in Sadie F. Leinkaulf School (No. 8). Ms. Franke and Ms. Mauretta (circa 1957)

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