Thursday, December 11, 2008

Curriculum Committee Meeting- Thursday December 11th

The Hoboken Curriculum Committee met Thursday afternoon from 3pm-4:30pm at the Brandt Professional Development Center. There was a fairly light turnout today due to weather, a number of extracurricular events going on in the district and a gathering for the retirement of one of Mr. Patrick Pasculli, 4th grade teacher at Wallace School and former mayor of the City of Hoboken. We all wish Mr. Pasculli well and he will be missed.
A brief update:
Science- In grade ten, the big idea form for unit 1 – 5 were completed and the big idea for unit 6 was initiated. Also, the files from the L drive were updated and saved onto the jump drive as a back-up resource for the science team for units 3-5 in grade 7.
Technology- Since we last talked we met with other members to discuss technological literacy and technology education in NJ. We also met with Howard McKenzie (Supervisor of Mathematics and Science) regarding our current understandings in this area, namely that "computer skills" are to be integrated according to the NJCCCs but that technology education (the designed world, impact of tech, tech processes,) needs to be addressed in middle and high school. He is working on investigating that further. Today, 12/11, we tried to fill in some big ideas missing from grade 8. We also have some missing from grade 6, which we will complete on Saturday.
Mathematics- worked on misc. High School curriculum and creating units in Algebra. This group feels as if there are very close to a completed first draft of the entire K-12 vertical articulation for mathematics.

The committee we meet this Saturday for a full day session.