Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hoboken Curriculum Committee- Saturday Nov 22

Members of the Hoboken Curriculum Committee met on Saturday, November 22 to continue work on the curriculum revision process. Here is a brief summary of there accomplishments:

Social Studies: Today we set forward to complete the 4th grade and tackle the 3rd grade. The former is done and the latter is nearly there. With the help of our new recruits, Kathleen and Jenny, the Social Studies group was able to make positive strides.

Mathematics: Today was a very productive day for the Mathematics Committee. As a group we were able to complete the curriculum for eleventh grade (Algebra 2) math. Also, we were able to complete the curriculum for one of our senior mathematics course College Algebra. So far we have complete the curriculum for grade 1-11 and have begun the final stages for grade 12 and IB diploma courses.

Science: Today, the grade 2 unit planners were revised and completed. In grade ten, the concepts and skills were revised to align with the HSPA Biology end of the course exam and big ideas statements were completed for unit planners 1-7. We also initiated the big idea form for unit 1 in grade 10. Finally, all of the files from the L drive were updated and saved onto the jump drive as a back-up resource for the science team for grades 1-7.

World Language: As we concluded another day of our curricula journey, The World Language troopers are pleased to let you know that today, Saturday, November 22, 2008 we printed the MYP and the UBD units for 9th grade honor and 9th grade regular Spanish 1 classes as well as the MYP and UBD units for the 10th grade regular Spanish class. In addition, we successfully completed the MYP and UBD for the 10th grade honor class and we were able to type a couple of these units as well. We are getting closer and closer to our final destination.

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