Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Recess- Hoboken Curriculum Committee Meeting 1

The Hoboken Curriculum Committee met today at the Brandt Professional Development Center from 9AM to 3PM. This was the first day of the district's fall recess. Nonetheless, over 20 teachers attended the curriculum writing meeting today.

Theatre: Completed course mapping development of IB Theatre Arts (Grades 11 and 12). Aims, objectives, assessments and course requirements for these diploma level classes differ greatly from those of the MYP and needed to be articulated prior to developing units. (See attachment "1" for a map of the course components and how they relate to the objectives; see attachment "2" for details on assessment) The next step is taking this map and creating the units around its components.

Visual Arts: Began research for 9-10 grade material to be incorporated into the MYP unit plans. The information collected will better equip the team in creating meaningful units.

Primary Language: The Primary Language Arts group finished the Big Idea for Unit 11-13 for First Grade, Unit 3-5 for Third Grade. We will complete Units 6-7 including the Big Idea. We will start to check standards for all Units to make sure it satisfies state standards completely. We are working diligently to make sure that the Units coincide with the Big Ideas.

World Languages: With our district French teacher present, we were able to revise and broaden our high school World Language Curriculum mapping. Vicky Chodos found the Scope and Sequence for the French texts online to assure alignment within the discipline. The hand copied high school mapping was typed up and added onto the L drive by Tania Trinidad. We allotted space in the mapping for IB exams both external and internal so that teachers following it would not have to squeeze instruction around the testing.

Social Studies: It was a relatively quite day in the Social Studies camp, although Kevin and DeBenedetto managed to get some important things accomplished. We finished typing the last unit of the 11th grade into the MYP planner, thus completing high school (barring any future revisions). We also checked over the middle school years (which we concluded were good), revised a 5th grade unit, and brainstormed a major unit for the fourth grade. Overall, it was a day of tying some loose ends and planning a strategy with which to approach the 1st through 4th grades.

Mathematics: Today was a very productive day for the mathematics group. We completed the Drafting for a Big Idea from the understand by design for Intro to Calculus grade 12. Also, we have complete two thirds of the Drafting for a Big Idea for IB Mathematics SL. Our goal for tomorrow is to complete the IB Mathematics SL and complete IB Math Studies SL.

Science: For the second grade curriculum, the team completed units 5 and 6 and initiated unit 7. We also revised the curriculum mapping for the third grade and completed units 1 and 2a and initiated 2b. The science team also worked on the ninth grade curriculum and completed the MYP planners for units 1-3 and initiated unit 4. All assessments for the units in grade 9 curriculum were established. The core curriculum content standards were revised for grades 6 and 7.

picture: Brandt auditorium