Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall Recess- Hoboken Curriculum Meeting Day 3

The Hoboken Curriculum Committee met for the third time during the Fall recess and a summary of their activities follow:

Mathematics: We have completed the mapping, drafting from a big ideas and the PYP planner for grades 1-5. Also we have completed the mapping, drafting from a big ideas and the MYP planner for grades 6-10. In the weeks upcoming we plan to complete the Unit Planner for grades 11 and 12. Once we have completed this we can begin editing and revising the Mathematics Curriculum grade 1 through 12.
World Language: Yesterday after the work day concluded, Tasha Leggard and Geidy DeLa Rosa collected the MYP and IB guides, as well as the text book guide for the honors levels. With these materials, the MYP planners and UBD's for Grade 9 Language B were completed by Tania Trinidad and Geidy DeLa Rosa. Units 1-3 MYP planners and UBD'S for Grade 9 Honors were also completed today by Rosangela Perez and Tasha Leggard.
Social Studies: Today, we met with Ms. Sherrard Bostwick from the Hoboken Historical Museum. We are going to schedule a future meeting within the next few weeks to strengthen the Hoboken lessons of the curriculum. Today the geography unit of the fourth grade as been brain stormed, and will be revisited when the group continues next week. Veronica Ramos was helpful with ideas in ways to approach the 3rd Grade curriculum, and she may be helpful in helping us approach the task of brainstorming and writing the units.
Primary Language: Today, we completed unit planner of Grade 3, unit 6 rubric and the Big Idea for units 5-6. We have started to reformat Grade 4 Unit Planners since they were using the MYP format. This includes giving a subtitle to the standards since they were not done. We started to do Grade 4 Unit Planner 1 and 2. We will continue to revise Grade 4 Unit Planners tomorrow.
Secondary Language: The LAL Secondary group completed the big ideas/unit plans for a 12th grade elective called "Contemporary Literature." The LAL Elementary group completed revisions to the 4th units, incorporating NJ ASK 4 test specifications and a variety of newly acquired reading and writing strategies.
Science: Today we reviewed and revised the content standard and the big ideas for the first grade. The big ideas and the unit planners were typed for units 1 – 7 in the third grade. The all MYP planners were typed for units 1-6 in the ninth grade. Along with that, the unit planners and the big idea forms were completed and typed for units 1-3. We came across a minor problem with the curriculum mapping today. Apparently, there are several copes of the final mapping. Upon reviewing the science mapping to check for alignment, it was noticed that the mapping was incorrect on the final copy of the curriculum mapping. The mapping has to be complied together so that there is only one final copy and not the multiple copies that are present now. Before doing this, we suggest that all subject teams check their mapping to make sure it is correct before it is combined together.