Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fall Recess- Curriculum Committee Meeting 4

The Curriculum Committee met for a fourth time this week and consisted of members from the Primary Language, Arts, and World Language Groups. The committee is off for the next week as they take a well deserved break from their activities. Meetings will resume next Thursday afternoon.

Primary Language: Today we are continuing to reformat Grade 4 into the Primary Unit Planners. We finished Unit 1-3. Our group still has to complete the rest of Grade 4. We have printed them and put them in the binder. We completed the Hoboken Curriculum Committee Update form to show our progress.

World Language:Today the MYP planners for grade 9 and grade 9 honors were completed as well as UBD's for those grades. We typed those units and started grade 10 MYP planners. So far, unit 1 for grade 10 has been completed and Unit 2 in under way.

Art: Continuation of articulation of Arts curriculum with early grades and inputing into digital form the lesson planners from earlier this week.