Saturday, November 15, 2008

Curriculum Meeting: Saturday November 15

The Hoboken Curriculum Committee met from 9AM-3PM at the Brandt Professional Development Center. The following is a summary of their activities: 

The History group, (Tara Donnelly, Kevin Metcalfe, Damian DiBennedetto, assisted by Kathleen Kelly) met today with Sherod Bostwick of the Hoboken Historical Museum for input into the 4th grade curriculum, which emphasizes local history and government. Her input was quite useful. The group has completed the lion's share of the 4th grade social studies curriculum.

HOLOCAUST/SPECIAL: We had made needed adjustments to the 1st grade curriculum. We researched supplemental literature for the 3rd grade curriculum, and completed April and May of the 2nd Grade curriculum.

WORLD LANGUAGE GROUP: Today we revised the 9th grade honors MYP and UBD planners. We wrote the MYP and UBD planners for the 10th grade and made significant progress in the MYP and UBD planners for 10th grade honors. Also, we typed all the UBD and MYP planners for the 10th grade.

SCIENCE GROUP: Today, unit planners were typed for units 1 – 9 the third grade were completed. The ninth grade unit planners, assessments, and big ideas were completed. For the 10th grade, all of the units 1-7 were initiated and we completed filling out the time frame and duration, and the significant content and skills for each unit.

MATHEMATICS GROUP: The group worked a little on finishing the MYP for 11th grade. There is only 1 more lesson plan to complete and then it is on to finishing up the 12th grade electives. The group also went through the NJ clarification document to see if our units are in sync with the states suggestions and things look good.

MUSIC GROUP: submitted by Ms. Safko--- As of today, we revised all of the mapping for MUSIC 9-12. Ms. Safko divided the mapping into three categories. (CHORUS, BAND, and MUSICAL ARTS). I saved it on a zip file, and Howard McKenzie will transfer the document to the Mapping on the L Drive sometime this week. Also, I completed all of the units for CHORUS 9-12. This week, I will work on BAND and MUSICAL ARTS 9-12. I should have them completed soon, and then all of the units will be complete from grades 8-12.