Tuesday, October 7, 2008

World War II Veterans Voices Heard

Students from Ms. Rachel Grygiel's US History course along with help from Mr. Doug MacAulay's video production group, took part in an extensive interviewing of a number of Hoboken residents who served their country during World War II. The project will develop some public service announcements for the forthcoming World War II monument in Hoboken as well as a documentary project in which the voices and stories of these citizens will be shared with the public formally for the first time.

From the student handbook for the course: “In conjunction with the Library of Congress American Folklife Center Veterans’ History Project, HHS history students will interview WWII Veterans. This is the first stage in preserving the stories and memories of veterans from our town. In the following stages, students will work with veterans from all military conflicts from Korea to Iraq to share their stories with their families and the community.” All interviews will be sent to be stored at the National Archives in Washington DC.

Once editing and final production is done, look for the clips on the educational access channel on cable television (Channel 77). From a curriculum perspective, this project clearly integrates technology, history and the use of narrative in an extended project based activity. This is consistent with NJCCC standards as well as an example of the types of activities anticipated with the eventual adoption of the new curriculum.

For more information on the Veterans’ History Project: http://www.loc.gov/vets/