Thursday, September 18, 2008

Petrosino named to National Geography Standards Review Team

Dr. Petrosino was named a reviewer for Geography for Life, 2nd Edition. During its 2007 fall meeting, the Geography Education National Implementation Project (GENIP) Steering Committee approved a process and a structure for preparing the second edition of Geography for Life: National Geography Standards. Development of the second edition is focused on reviewing the Six Essential Elements and 18 Standards with special emphasis on updating the knowledge statement and learning opportunities that accompany each of the 18 Standards to clarify both their content and pedagogy.

The new edition will update content and address changes in the discipline since the initial publication in 1994 particularly in terms of the growth in geospatial technologies, globalization, and global environmental change. The GENIP Steering Committee plans not to revise the Standards, but to "refresh" them so they will continue to be timely and relevant as guideposts for K-12 geography education in the United States. GENIP created a committee to discuss and develop a work plan for the updating process. Dr. Petrosino was chosen for his research and work in the area of the learning sciences and he looks forward to incorporating these new standards into the revised Hoboken Curriculum.

To view current standards: