Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summary of August 5 Curriculum Committee Activities

The following was accomplished by the Curriculum Committee on August 5, 2008:

LANGUAGE ARTS (Primary)- Today's Accomplishments- Completed Lanugage Arts Curriculum Map; Created Curriculum Map for Math, Grades 1 and 2; Assisted Social Studies group with Curriculum writing for primary grades; Began Unit 3 & 4, Grade 2 LA; Completed rubric for Unit 13, Grade 1; Finished reviewing and modifying standards for completed units
Tomorrow: Complete Unit 2, Grade 2; Complete Unit 3, Grade 2; Complete Unit 4, Grade 2; Begin Unit 5, Grade 2; Continue filling out "Big Idea" forms for all first grade units.

SCIENCE- Accomplishments: Completed Design Drafts for Grade 7; Started Design Drafts for Grade 6; Revised Grade 6 Unit 1 Assessments; Completed all typing of Grade 4 Units.Wednesday: Type Grade 3 Units; Complete Design Drafts for Grade 6; Start Design Drafts for Grade 5; Start MYP Units and Design Drafts for Grade 10; Complete Grade 3 Unit Five.

LANGUAGE ARTS- We met and discussed uniformity among the units. Then we continued to edit and input all MYP units.

WORLD LANGUAGE- Things that were accomplished today:All units for grade 5 are now typed in the PYP. Also, Units 1-15 were typed to the UBD template; In addition, changes were made to MYP Finding the Big Idea for the MYP Years Units; Also, unit plans were developed for the 4th grade curriculum from the month of October to the month of March. Besides this, we were able to finish the units from September to December in the Understanding by Design.

SOCIAL STUDIES- This morning we completed all MYP units for the 9th grade world history. This afternoon elementary Donna and Jennifer helped us revise the maps for grades 1-4. They are now complete and must be entered into the master map tomorrow. Once the map is complete our plan for tomorrow is to complete units for the 5th(PYP) & 8th(MYP) grades.