Monday, August 4, 2008

Summary of August 4 Activites

The following is a list of activities conducted by the Hoboken Curriculum Committee on Monday, August 4, 2008:

LANGUAGE ARTS- Today, we aligned the CCCS for the 4th unit for the 10th grade Language Arts curriculum and completed the 5th unit MYP planner for the 10th grade. we also researched supplemental materials for the 10th grade curriculum.

LANGUAGE ARTS (PRIMARY)- Today's Accomplishments: Completed Unit 13, Grade 1; Began rubric for Unit 13, Grade 1; Completed Unit 1, Grade 2; Completed Rubric for Grade 2, Unit 1; Began Unit 2 of Grade 2; Updated Curriculum Map for grades K-4; Began working on "Big Idea" form for Grade 1, unit 1; Reviewed and modified standards for Grade 1, units 1-6 Tomorrow: Complete rubric for Unit 13, Grade 1; Complete Unit 2, Grade 2; Complete Rubric for Unit 2, Grade 2; Continue filling out "Big Idea" forms for all first grade units; Continue reviewing and modifying standards for completed units.

MATHEMATICS- Today we complete the MYP Unit Planner for Grade 9 Algebra 1. We had to add a unit so that the unit plans would not run too long. We started to discuss the MYP final project.Tomorrow we plan to tighten up both the Algebra 1 and Geometry Unit Plans. We also would like to complete at least half of the Algebra 2 Unit Plans.

TECHNOLOGY- Today we worked on unit planners for grade 8. Progress was slowed since we were missing one group member but that should be resolved tomorrow. For 8th grade, September, May and June are in progress and March-April is complete. Tomorrow we will continue working on grade 8, which should be completed by Wednesday.

SCIENCE- Accomplishments: Completed typing of Grade 5 units; Reviewed and aligned NJCCS for grades 5 – 7; Reviewed Grade 8 Units, necessary revision of MYP Assessments needed; Started Design Drafts for Grade 7; Organized K-12 units in order of progress.Tuesday: Complete Design Drafts for Grade 7; Start Design Drafts for Grade 6.; Complete Grade 3 Unit Five; Type Grade 4 Units 8 -10.

WORLD LANGUAGE- Today, the World Languages Team was able to complete the curriculum for grade 5. It is made up of 27 units/lessons. Units 4-15 were typed to thePYP unit planner. In addition, we were able to work on units 1-15 using the UBD unit template. We hope to have the entire 5th grade totally done by tomorrow under both models-the UBD and the PYP. Moreover, the first month of instruction for the 4th grade was done as well.