Monday, August 11, 2008

Summary of Activities for Monday, August 11

The following is an update of activities by the Hoboken Curriculum Committee for Monday, August 11th:
MATHEMATICS: Today was very productive. We completed the Drafting a Design from Big Ideas for the first grade. For the primary grade we have completed the Drafting a Design for grades one, two and five. During the afternoon we began two Draft a Design for the third grade.
Tomorrow: We plan to complete the third and fourth grade Drafting a Design sheets. By the end of the week we hope to have all the primary grades completed for at least the Drafting a Design. We would also like to begin the PYP Planner for the primary grades.

LANGUAGE ARTS (secondary): We located and created rubrics; We developed an assessment guide for fourth grade; We began discussing ideas for our narratives; We made revisions to the drafting design and MYP unit planners.

LANGUAGE ARTS (primary): Today's Accomplishments Completed Unit 6; Completed Unit 7; Completed Unit 1, Grade 3; Began Unit 2 & 3, Grade 3 Tomorrow: Complete Units 2 & 3; Begin Units 3 & 4.

SOCIAL STUDIES: The group finished the fifth grade units, and prepped for our meeting tomorrow with Bob Foster. We are hoping he will have good ideas with ways we can implement Hoboken and New Jersey history in the curriculum. We will be continuing to work on the eight grade curriculum tomorrow as well.

SCIENCE: Completed Design Drafts for Grade 6; Completed Design Draft for Grade 5; Completed Design Drafts for Grade 4 Units 1-4

WORLD LANGUAGES: All units for grade 4 are finished and typed. The 3rd grade curriculum was completed and it is now half way typed; The curriculum for the 2nd grade is on its way. Units from September to October were developed.