Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summary of Activities for August 13

The following is an update on the activities of the Hoboken Curriculum Committee for Wednesday, August 13:

PHYSICAL EDUCATION/HEALTH: The Physical Education and Health group worked on writing a narrative that addresses the overall goals and vision for the curriculum grades K through 12. We completed all the physical education units for grades 9 and 10 the exception of softball. We research activities, lessons and ideas that pertain to health units in grades 9, 11, and 12. We also organized our binder according to the curriculum map. Tomorrow we will complete the Softball unit planner for 9th and 10th grades. We will also finish the Drug & Alcohol and Decision Making, Advocacy & Leadership units for 8th grade. We anticipate to be completed with all the unit planners kindergarten through 10th grade by tomorrow afternoon.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Today we continued to develop MYP units for grade 10. We anticipate finishing grade 10 tomorrow. After checking our schedules, we will also determine the best time for us to continue our meetings in the fall.

MATHEMATICS: Today we completed Drafting a Design from Big Ideas for the fourth grade. This is the last primary grade that we had to plan out using the Drafting a Design. Tomorrow: We are going to write the narrative that overviews mathematics from grade K-12. Also, we plan to start writing PYP unit plans for the primary grades.

TECHNOLOGY: Today in technology I worked on the "Big Ideas" forms to go with completed planners. By the end of tomorrow we should have them done for all of 7th grade, most of 6th grade (Robin is working on some from home) and about 1/3 of 8th grade. Many of the 8th grade planners are being typed now. Once they are returned, we will finish Big Ideas forms for them also.

LANGUAGE (primary): Completed reviewing standards for 2nd grade in the 2nd grade units; Started Unit 4 (Incredible Stories) - Writing a Narrative - 3rd grade; Started Unit 5 (Animal Habitats) - Writing a Research Report - 3rd grade; Completed Unit 5 Rubric; Started Unit 6- (Voyagers) - Descriptive Writing- for 3rd grade