Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summary of Activities for August 12

The following is a summary of activities undertaken by the Hoboken Curriculum Committee on Tuesday, August 12, 2008:

SOCIAL STUDIES: Today the Social Studies group met with Bob Foster of The Hoboken Historical Museum. We discussed major themes in the history of Hoboken and New Jersey. This afternoon we worked on MYP units for grade 10. We will continue those units

MATHEMATICS: Today we continued to work on completing the Drafting a Design from a Big Idea for the primary schools. We got through the third grade today, only leaving us the fourth grade to complete. Also, we updated or mappings for the primary grades.Tomorrow: We plan to complete the fourth grade Drafting a Design. This will allows us to begin to use the PYP planner to write unit plans for the primary grades.

SCIENCE: Accomplishments: Completed Units and Design Drafts for all Grade 8 Units; Completed Grade 4 Unit Plans and Design Drafts 1-7; Completed Grade 1 Design Drafts 1-4; Completed Grade 3 Unit Plan and Design Draft 1-2; Mapping for Grades 1- 12 Revised and Complete Wednesday: Continue work on Grades 1, 3 and 4 Design Drafts ; Revise Lab Template Grades 9 -12 ; Start Science Fair Format for district

LANGUAGE ARTS: The Language Arts committee began entering drafting by design and myp units into the curriculum folders on the l drive for 11th grade. We also revised the language in the big idea and significant concepts for 9th grade. We plan to complete the 11th grade units before Thursday. We will also try to include a narrative for each grade level

WORLD LANGUAGE: Things that were accomplished today: All units for grade 3 are now typed under both formats; Curriculum units for the 2nd grade from October to June were done-under the PYP format but these units were not typed. The UBD for the second grade is in process. The typing for the second grade curriculum for the UBD is done for the first 2 months of the year. However, the making of the rest of the units under the Understanding by Design still need to be done. In addition, Mrs. De la Rosa and Isabel Bruno took the PYP planner and the UBD template home and each work on a different component. Mrs. De la Rosa was able to make the rest of the UBD for the second grade and was able to type them as well. Isabel Bruno completed the revising and typing of the PYP planner for the second grade.