Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rock and Roll Forever Foundation Meeting

On Saturday, August 23rd Dr. Petrosino was in St. Louis* as part of a meet and greet with the founder of the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation, Mr. Steve Van Zandt (middle). The Rock and Roll Forever Foundation is a non-profit, educational organization founded on the belief that rock and roll is among America's most lasting contributions to world culture. In accordance with this, the Foundation's mission is to study, preserve, and celebrate rock and roll's place among the arts that have defined the 20th century and continue to shape life in the 21st. There's hope that the Hoboken School District will be able to incorporate some of the foundation's curricula materials and course guides into our K-12 Arts/Music curriculum. Dr. Petrosino was in attendance with a colleague, Professor Brian Reiser of Northwestern University (far left). In addition to work in the learning sciences, Dr. Reiser also shares a deep commitment to curriculum development and first brought this opportunity to Dr. Petrosino's attention. After the brief meeting in which Dr. Petrosino invited Mr. Van Zandt and/or a representative of the foundation to speak to the Curriculum Committee, Drs. Petrosino and Reiser attended a performance by Mr. Van Zandt and his band members at the Scottrade Center.

For more information on the Rock and Roll Foundation see:

* The trip to St. Louis and the meeting with the Rock and Roll Foundation representatives came at no expense to the Hoboken School District