Thursday, August 7, 2008

Curriculum Summary: Thursday, August 7

The following update is from Thursday, August 6, 2008:

TECHNOLOGY: The technology group has now finished with grades 6-8 and has begun mapping out projects for the grade 5 units. Our group is dwindling...Dr. Susan Imholz is concluding her work with us and leaving for her new teaching position at Pepperdine University in California. We sincerely appreciate all the insights we gained from her as we worked together writing units for technology.

MATHEMATICS: Today we complete the Drafting a Design from the Big Idea for Grade 2. We also mapped Grades 1 and 2 to better prepare us for writing the Unit Plans. We complete a unit for Grade 1 using the Drafting a Design format. Side not there are no NJCCCS for mathematics in grade 1.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION/HEALTH: The week has finally come to an end and the Physical education and Health group has had an incredible week. The following is now complete: 1) Unit planners for grades 1-8 (both Physical education and health) 2) Draft design for grade 3 and 4 (PE) 3) Draft design for grade 6 (both subjects) 4) Curriculum map for grades 1-8 (we need some time to make adjustment for the 3rd and 4th grade map on the L drive) We are anticipating another productive week next week. We are planning to complete the unit planners for grade 9-12.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Today the Social Studies group, despite its small numbers, was able to move forward with vigor. We managed to complete a great majority of the MYP Unit Planners for the fifth grade. (Kevin will be working on two units over the weekend.) It is our goal to have the fith grade done by Monday morning, leaving us with the afternoon to start thinking about the eighth grade. Today, we also worked on the February unit for the 5th Grade, and completed it. We will have the rest of the group look it over on Monday, just to see if more should be added to the unit. IWe plan on working on the March Unit Sunday which would bring the 5th Grade Curriculum close to being finished.