Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summary of Thursday July 31 Activites

The following is a summary of the activities completed by the Hoboken Curriculum Group on Thursday, July 31st. The AM session concentrated on small group discussion on a number of topics facing the district centered on curriculum implementation. The PM (afternoon) session was centered on continuing the curriculum articulation process.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION/HEALTH- today we thought it would be a good time to review the work that we have completed. We divided the grade levels up and each proof read our units. We found this helpful because we had a chance to revisit what we had already worked on. We are pleased with the way the units lead the teacher in a direction that is easy to follow.

MATHEMATICS- We had a very successful day, completing the MYP Unit Plans for Grade 10 Geometry. Also, we completed the first MYP Unit for Grade 9 Algebra. As the summer has continued we have gotten much more accustom with the MYP objectives and Unit Plans. It has allowed us to have a better understanding of how to plan a proper MYP Unit. Next Week- Our plan is to complete the Algebra 1 MYP Unit Plans. We also plan to work hard at completing Unit Plans for the various mathematical options for grade 11. We plan to continue to expand our knowledge of the MYP and IB programs.

SOCIAL STUDIES- A quick update on our progress. The mapping is complete (barring any changes after meeting with a rep. from the 1-4 grades). The first half of 9th grade units are done, as are the 6th and 7th grade (with the exception of Africa). Additionally, a meeting has been set with Bob Foster from the Hoboken Historical Museum for August 12th at 10:00 am, he is coming here to Calabro. We are hoping to meet with one of the primary teachers ealry next week.
The small groups discussions this morning were very productive and sparked additional conversations in our afternoon groups.

SCIENCE- Accomplishments: Made standard revisions to grades one and seven; Typed fourth grade units; Continued creating fourth grade units; Discussed suggestions to meet state requirements for how many minutes per week students receive special classes; Discussed a variety of assessment options’ both formative and summative; Discussed important topics for professional development days. Our Plan and Goals: Create open ended questions for assessments for unit four; Edit units for grade four and continue typing units; Type units for grade 5, 11, 12; Initiate units for ninth and tenth grade.

WORLD LANGUAGE: we finished the mapping update as per your request. All grades were edited on the master mapping. Also, the team was able to put units/lessons 7-15 on the PYP planner. Nevertheless, we could not type these units. The typing aspect will be done on Monday by our PM partner.