Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Curriculum Summery - Wednesday July 23

The following is an update of the activities of the Curriculum Committee for Wednesday, July 23:

Technology- Our committee finished the 6th grade curriculum unit plans today and would like you to review them over the weekend if possible to ensure we are heading in the right direction. We mapped out the curriculum for the 7th grade and have slight changes to the original curriculum map that we are working from. We will submit any adjustments to you for your review. One thing we noticed on the map was a lack of technology curriculum in the 9th grade thru the 12th grade. We are not sure if this was because of a lack of technology people in the spring or if technology is supposed to be infused within the curriculum. We will address this tomorrow.

World Language- We revised and corrected Units # 2 and 3.Themes: Leisure and Vacations and Clothing for the 7th grade Curriculum. Also, in addition to the revision and typing process for units 2 & 3, our group was able to develop 2 more units (4 & 5). The themes of these units are: Home-Unit 4 and Health-Unit 5. Therefore, the World Language-Language B for the 7th grade is now complete. Once again, the allocated time was used wisely. I believe that we are making a remarkable progress with the World Languages Curriculum.

Phys Ed/Health- Today the Physical Education team worked on the eighth grade curriculum. We also created new mapping which we have saved and will relay to Denise. At his point it seems as though our planning of the curriculum is consistent and conducive to our needs. We think it would be helpful to created the ninth and tenth grade curriculum within the next week at which point we will review our progress and see if changes have to be made. Our future concerns deal with the primary grades and keeping the planning consistent yet specific to those needs.

Language Arts- Our group split into two teams today for efficiency. Team A continued to work on the design templates for all 5th grade units. Researched novels, based on lexile scores appropriate to the grade. They also entered essential questions into the revised PYP format. The plan is to continue working towards completion of the fifth grade curriculum. Team B consulted the History team with a mind towards coordinating the two curricula. They also conducted research matching literary works to social studies themes, as well as cross curricula projects. The plan is to complete the unit designs for ninth grade.

Social Studies- As discussed this morning, the world history mapping is complete (grades 6, 7, 9). I have attached it for your review. We followed the guide from the National Council for History Education and The IB Humanities Curriculum to create mapping and full year course questions. We plan to edit existing units and continue writing units tomorrow.

Mathematics- Today we completed two more MYP Unit Plans for the 7th Grade. Also, we added some of the units we have completed to the L Drive. We made sure that we were hitting all the standards for each topic and grade. Tomorrow: We plan to finish up the 7th Grade MYP Unit Plans and begin the 8th grade. We will continue to make sure that we fulfill all the NJCCS for mathematics as we continue planning our units going forward.