Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Curriculum Mapping Summary

The following are Content Team summaries of the Curriculum Committee Meetings- Wednesday, July 16. Summaries are written by a representative of each content group and sent to Dr. Petrosino at the end of each day. This information is then shared with all members of the Curriculum Committee.

Arts Curriculum Committee

Jared Ramos (theater), Tasha Leggard (dance), Lynne Fusco (visual), Fran Cohen (visual), Stephanie Safko (music), Robert Meyers (music)

This morning, we set out to tackle the mapping for the arts in grades K-2. The team spent the first 30 minutes of the day researching best practices, curricula, and lessons on the Internet, that would help us brainstorm the goals—and activities to achieve those goals—for each grade and within each arts discipline. While the team was researching, I organized the standards we studied yesterday on the wall. We wanted to take those standards and post them along with two new columns that were to be filled out based upon our research: Goals, and How? To our fortune, a group of kindergarten and one first grade teacher passed by the room and gave their input about the things that are personal goals within their own classrooms, and how they go about achieving them, describing specific lessons and activities that not only are effective in instruction, but also address the NJCCS. Once the team returned, we incorporated the new research into the columns that were begun based on the teachers’ suggestions.
Looking at our goals and some ways to achieve them, we began to approach the map, recognizing some overall connections and themes that were appearing in the age group. We decided to create an overarching general theme for the tackled grade group (K-2), labeling it “Me and My World.” This decision was based upon the realization that the skills we wanted the kids to develop at this young stage really centered on exploring themselves, their communities, and their environments. This approach also seemed to flow very well into the philosophy that the students would eventually experience in the MYP.

Our breakdown:
Kindergarten: My Self
My Body
My Feelings
My Actions
1st Grade: My Home
My Family
My Heritage
My Culture
My Pets and Animals
My Space
My Stuff
2nd Grade: My Community
My Friends
My Environment
My Dreams

The subgroups above not only provide us with thematic “chunks” that help organize the year, but also unify our approach to the unit and lesson creations within each of the arts areas. Additionally, many of these subgroups were inspired by the themes appearing in the mapping of other subjects, thereby creating ample opportunities for cross-curricular learning.

In our desire to keep the integrity of the subjects and to really lay a strong foundation, we did not get as far as we hoped today. While we laid the general mapping of topics for K-2, we only got specific with lesson ideas and subunits – connecting them to the NJCCS – for grade K. We intend to complete grades 1 & 2 tomorrow morning, and then begin 3-4 in the afternoon.

Updated Schedule:
1-2; 3-4 – Thursday, July 17
5-6; 7-8 – Monday, July 21
9-12 – Tuesday, July 22

World Languages –Language B –Curriculum Mapping Team
Wed. July 16, 2008

Tania Trinidad, Geidy De la Rosa, Isabel Bruno

Today we met to organize and to develop the unit planner for grade 6 and we were able to finish 2 complete thematic units following the recommendations of the MYP. These two units are fully interdisciplinary and were also drafted using the Understanding by design template and the NJCCCS for World Languages and Inter-disciplinary subjects.

Technology Group–Curriculum Mapping Team
Wed. July 16, 2008

The technology group is in the formation process. Members will initially include Susan Imholz, Michelle McGreivey and Robin Piccapietra.

Today's work revolved around becoming familiar with the IB MYP Technology program guide and the NJ CCCS for Technology. The CCCS relate largely to computer technology and somewhat to the technology design process. In MYP, technology refers mostly to the design process. The NJ CCCS list the first bechmark years as fourth, eighth and twelfth grades.

The committee discussed with Dr. Petrosino the nature of technology education as a separate entity yet also integrated throughout the curriculum and the responsibility of all teachers. The group will reach out to teachers at various grade levels to determine what skills are developmantally appropriate for students in the primary grades as the NJCCCS specify nothing before 4th grade.

Tomorrow: start analyzing existing map and flesh out topics appropriately for grade levels starting with grade 4.

Social Studies –Curriculum Mapping Team
Wed. July 16, 2008

Good afternoon,
Damian, Mark & I are beginning to solidify our group for social studies. We spent the afternoon together gaining perspective and plotting a course of action. We found some inconsistencies between the available resources for the middle years and the mapping, are are working to sort them out. We remain positive that the we will be able to do that.
We are coming up with good ideas and a plan.

Enjoy your afternoon,
The Social Studies Group

Science –Curriculum Mapping Team
Wed. July 16, 2008

Veronica Ramos, Kelly Sogluizzo, Meghna Patel, Charlotte Yates, Bess Mitsakos, Romy Marchasani, Jayshree Amin, Helen DeRose

1) Completed the 6th grade science unit plans to correlate with NJCCCS.
2) Connected content to one of the district’s text book.
3) Proceeded to document the unit plans.
4) Created general rubrics for the science assessment criteria.
5) Initiated project assessment research and documentation.
6) Turn key strategies for lower elementary unit planning.
7) Revised time line on 8th grade mapping.
8) Initiated writing unit plan for 8th grade.

Our plan and goals: Continue connecting content to district text books, Initiate 7th grade unit plans., Continue writing unit plans for 8th grade, Complete project assessment research

Mathematics –Curriculum Mapping Team
Louis Taglieri, Howard McKenzie, Mark Schartner

As a group we worked together to complete four units for Grade 10 Geometry. We have been using the Drafting a Design from Big Ideas to plan our unit. Currently we have complete grades 6-9 and only have one more unit left to complete Geometry.


We will continue to use the Drafting a Design from Big Ideas to complete the final unit in Geometry and begin the Algebra 2 unit plans. Also, we will begin to transfer our Big Ideas to the MYP unit plan.

Language A –Curriculum Mapping Team

Martin Shannon, Jenissa Wilson, Andrea Canonico, Vincent Casessa, Kathy Kelly, Kate Kezmarsky, Fiona Stephens, Ed Barfield, Denise Toles, Gabriela Taglieri

Used the mapping done previously and began to work on the Drafting by Design for each unit in the sixth grade.
Used NJCCCS & MYP standards to fit the draft and MYP Unit Planner.

Reviewed previous days work, made some corrections and add-ons.
Typed and completed the units for the sixth grade Drafting by Design template.
Started the seventh grade Drafting by Design template.
Used NJCCCS & MYP standards to fit the draft and MYP Unit Planner.

Reviewed previous days work, made some corrections and add-ons.
Typed and completed the units for the seventh grade Drafting by Design template.
Matched the NJCCCS standards and MYP standards to make sure it was all covered in the units.
Continued to type the MYP Unit Planner for the sixth grade.
Discussed and used the grade appropriate book lists to plan and implement in the units.

Physical Education –Curriculum Mapping Team

Melanie Alberto-Kolmer, Janice Shikhman, Beth Tomlinson, Marni Rosenblum, Ryan Sorafine

We have completed all of the 6th grade Unit Planners which include the following topics:

Physical Education: Football, Net Sports (Volleyball, Tennis & Badminton), Soccer, Basketball, Recreational Sports, Golf, Movement, Cooperative Games

Health:Fitness, Nutrition, Body, Growth & Parenting, Relationships & Character Development, Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco, Communication, Diseases & Health Conditions, Leadership, Services & Safety

As we were completing some of our lessons, we realized we could create 5th grade unit planners as well.

For 5th grade, we have completed the following health units:
Body, Growth & Parenting, Communication, Diseases & Health Conditions, Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco, Relationships & Character Development, Leadership, Services & Safety
Today we are going to complete all of the 5th grade unit planners before moving onto 7th grade.
We feel our group is very efficient at how we work together. We are working cooperatively as a group in our individual roles.