Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Curriculum Committee Approved

Below is the list of faculty appointed for the Summer Curriculum Committee at the June 10th Board of Education Meeting. Summer meetings of the committee will take place from Monday July 14 and continue until Thursday August 14. The Committee will meet four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) from 9AM to 3:30PM with a 1 hour lunch period. Additional (not alternative) times and dates may be arranged when appropriate and approved. Meetings will take place at Calabro School.

Jayshree Amin, Vincent Cassesa, Rosangela Perez, Lea Gualario, Louis Taglieri, Elise Rosenberg, Paul Huggins, Sharlette Cullen, Janice Shikham, Susan Imholz, Marni Rosenblum, Gabriela Garcia-Taglieri, Tasha Leggard, Joanne Ariyan, Joanne VanGulick, Jill Littzi, Martin Shannon, Melanie Alberto- Kolmer, Michelle McGreivey, Erin Kraven, Edward Barfield, Robert Meyers, Frances Cohen, Isabel Bruno, Christopher Munoz, Damian DeBenedetto, Victoria Chodos, Robin Piccapietra, Derek England, Geidy DeLaRosa, Jared Ramos, Kathleen Kelly-Ynoa, Mary Sifonios, Stephanie Safko, Mark Schartner, Juliana Addi, Ryan Sorafine, Adriana Coppola, Kelly Sogluzzio, Jennifer Suyat, Barbara Teller, Meghna Patel, Mark Taraszkiewicz, Cara Killen, Tania Trinidad-Payamps, Donna Yula, Romy Marchesani, Fiona Stephens, Helen DeRose, Jenisa Wilson, Andrea Canonico, Tara Donnelly, Patrick Ciriello, Anabel Gomez, Veronica Ramos, Kevin Metcalfe, Bess Mitsakos, Beth Tomlinson, and Marni Rosenblum