Thursday, June 19, 2008

Meet and Greet- Curriculum Committee and Community

Two sessions, one at 3:30pm and another at 6:30pm were held today at the Hoboken High School Library as the Curriculum Committee met with parents, Board of Education members and interested citizens of Hoboken. Dr. Petrosino led off each session with a 20 minute overview of the activities of the Committee over this past semester. This was followed by a 15-20 minute formal "question and answer" period with the audience. Many thought provoking and challenging questions were asked including "Will the new curriculum be more traditional or progressive?"; "What plans exist for the expansion of the John Hopkins Program?"; "What data will we have that will indicate whether the new curriculum is a success?"; "Has this model been used before with any success?" and "What will the new Pre-K curriculum look like?" In addition, drafts of curriculum maps and MYP unit plans were made available for review and discussion.  A request was also made for the sharing of appropriate documents for the public. Dr. Petrosino assured the citizen that this will be addressed over the summer.  After the formal question and answer period, an informal "meet and greet" was held for about a half hour where Committee members, parents, and community members interacted and discussed shared interest and concerns over some light refreshments. In total, approximately 50 people attended both sessions.