Friday, June 13, 2008

Curriculum Committee Meeting-MYP Unit Planning

Today's weekly meeting* was again led by Kate Dominique and focused on Assessment in the planning of an MYP (Middle Years Program) unit. Working in content groups established previously, the Committee utilized the IB North America Adapted MYP PLANNER as a guide to finalize a number of units. The Committee is now well versed at unit development and will fully utilize this skill during the 4 weeks of formal meetings this summer (July 14-August 14). The unit planner includes such topics as: Brainstorming Significant Content and/or Skills; Finding the Big Idea; Approaches to Learning; Area of Interactions Focus; Significant Concept(s); and the main Unit Question. The main focus of the unit development is to this of a unit from Assessment to Teaching and Learning Activities Through Inquiry. Units were developed in Language A (grade 6), Language B (grade 6) and Earth Science (grade 6). 

Before the formal meeting from 3pm-4:30pm, Dr. Petrosino held a brief 15 minute meeting with new Committee members who will be joining the group this summer. Materials were handed out and a brief discussion on expectations and gratitude for their participation ensued. 

* Today's meeting was moved to Friday because of the annual HEA end of year party scheduled for Thursday, June 12. 

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