Monday, May 19, 2008

LitLife Presentation

Today ten district administrators met with representatives from LitLife to discuss K-8 literacy and reading professional development in the Hoboken School District. LitLife works in a diverse range of school communities to 1) Design and construct curriculum along a spiraling continuum, 2) empower students to exceed national learning standards by training teachers wisely and well, 3) give teachers practical strategies and management tools to create a differentiated classroom, 4) inspire a love of reading and writing in all children by motivating teachers, and 5) develop strategic plans for literacy achievement at all grade levels.

The program is in over 100 schools and has served thousands of teachers grades K-12. The basic premise of the program is a belief that "the key to an extraordinary, memorable, equitable education for all children is effective, systemic, and joyous teacher training.

The professional development centered on student self regulation and metacognitive processes is consistent with findings from the National Research Council's findings on "HOW PEOPLE LEARN".