Saturday, October 6, 2007

Weekly Curricula Activities (Oct 1-5)

The following is a list of curricula related activities for the first week of October

• Curriculum meeting with IB/MYP
• Principal Tortorella follow-up with case concerning a student fight on a bus
• Jennifer Lopez- this meeting revolved around issues of workshops for Reading First as well as in fulfillment of some NCLB matters.
• Meeting with Mary Tremididi concerning LEARNING.COM
•Meeting with Principal Cella concerning curriculum issues that some high school teachers seem to have with what is being taught at the K-8 level. Discussion also included the issue of Department Chairs and their related responsibilities with curriculum development. Encouraging meeting.

School Visits
• Brief visits (<1 hour) at Hoboken High School, Wallace and Conner’s school. Mostly pass through visits but getting a sense of what is needed for beginning the more formal process of classroom observations. Feel as if we are at a good point to begin in earnest with some ideas.

Other Visits
• Scheduled (CANCELLED) meeting with Jersey City Schools concerning issues of curriculum, data, and organization charts. This has been rescheduled for Friday October 12 (Paula Christian aka Spangnoletti)

• Attended opening ceremonies at Calabro School
• Attended OPEN NIGHT at Wallace, Calabro and Conner’s School
• Contacted Dr. Pavel Duborski at Stevens concerning the “Math Circles Program”-