Saturday, September 22, 2007

Curricula Related Activities (Sept 17-21)

The following indicate the curricula development activities for the third week of school by the Assistant to the Superintendent.

• Attended meeting at County Superintendent Office for QSAC
• Met with Mr. Bailey concerning technology in district
• Met with Dr. Cecilia Delia (child study team/Conners)

School Visits
• Visited Calabro School
Met with Gentile (science teacher); Boscia (library), Palumbo (principal); music teacher

• Visited Demarest High School
Met with administration; Derrick England, Carmen Ronga, Nick Calabrese, Helen DeRose, lunch staff, 4-5 students

• Visited Conner’s School (twice)
Met with full administration

Other Visits
• Stopped by Wallace to meet with Wiley Readers
• Stopped by HHS to visit and greet new teachers to the district

• Read “Supertest” by Jay Matthews/Ian Hill in preparation for IB meeting 9/25
• QSAC organization and preparation
• Issues of curriculum alignment and organization