Saturday, November 3, 2007

Curricular Activities October 29-Nov 3, 2007


• Tuesday Meeting with David Baily concerning technology in the district. Topics centered on file servers, servicing teachers, tech staff, and supporting Dr. Cella’s efforts at the high school.

• Tuesday Early Childhood Meeting at the high school. Spoke about curriculum as part of the meeting.

• Tuesday QSAC Meeting- Meeting to go over each of the sections’s. Today we only got through 2 of them as it took longer than expected in terms of the details.

• Wednesday October 31- There was a Demarest picnic on Halloween that was really very nicely done. The parking lot was full and students were really well behaved. It’s very obvious that there is a strong sense of community that is being developed there and it’s noteworthy.

• Wednesday October 31- Meeting with Kate Dominique about the IB program which was very productive.

• Thursday November 1- QSAC report was presented in which we got together with the entire DPR group.

• Friday November 2- Meeting with Jennifer Lopez and some Reading First/literacy consultants about the district and what needs to be done. They will be here for a few weeks and provide the district with some meaningful feedback. This is a mandated part of the NCLB (No Child Left Behind) funding.

• Friday November 2- Meeting with a researcher at NYU about the IB program